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Etex Usa

Sulzer Projectile
25X Sulzer P7150 B 220 N2 SP D1, Width 220cm, Year: 2000- 2002, 2 colors, Single Beam Execution, Staubli Dobby 2600, Electronic Let Off, Electronic Take Up, No Off Looms Take Provided , Each Machine Is Equipped With On Loom Take Up Gears And Assemble Right & Left Sulzer Tucking Device Right & Left Sulzer Cutting Device Each Machine With: 18 Each Dobby Is Equipped With 18 Levers 6 Harness Frames 1 Full Beam 1 - Cloth Rollers 2 Filling Feeders 1 Filling Stand 8 Harness Frames W/Heddles As Fitted (Approximately 5,000) 1 Warp Stop Motion W/Droppers As Fitted (Approximately 5,000) 1 Reed

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