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Etex Usa

Sulzer Projectile
8x Sulzer PU 153 VSD 110 KR D1,4 colors,Staubli KR1, 1430 dobby, 14 shafts installed, split beams,on-loom take-up, selvedge side and center tuck-in, double whip rollers Each machine equipped with: 5 WSM bars(Warp stop motion). 2 weft feeders, with el. control box + creel, 6 heald frames, 3 half warp beams dia 800 mm, 1.5 cloth rollers 1 center tuck-in unit (TLL) 5000 heddles and drop wires each serial nos: PU KR1: 75628-83491-83490-83489-83486-85633-78241-78943

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