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Ring Spinning Frame
15x Toyoda RX240 New Ring Spinning frame, 1200 Spindles,Spindles gauge 70mm, Bobbin Length (Lift) 210 (185)mm, 8 Spindles per Staff, Fibre (Length) to be used Driving System Cotton, Blended, up to 40mm, Spindle drive system 4-spindle tape (11mm, W8), Spindle driving pulleyMade by steel , Tape tension pulley NTN-JPU70,Spindle speed regulating apparatus Inverter (Stepless speed change system), with Spindle speed change program ,Kind of Twist Z-Twist , , 3-Line 2-zone double apron drafting system, Angle of roller stand 45 Deg, Bottom roller driving system Mechanical, Neck bearing Texparts UL30, Bottom Roller Diameter F 27 x M 30 x B 27mm, Weighting Arm Toyoda a100, Cradle Texparts OH2022, Tenser guage Yellow, Lilac, White, Front & Back / Top roller arbor maker/type Texparts LP1002, Middle / Top roller arbor maker/type Texparts LP1003, Top & bottom apron maker Kureha, Top apron type TA58/TA22,Bottom apron type TA58/TA68,Bottom apron tension system Long system Trumpet type 4mm diameter, Traverse Twin Traverse Clearer (6, 8, 10mm selectable type) , Front top clearer 2 spindles clearer roller, Front bottom clearer Magnetic Roller type, Back bottom clearer Stationary Pad type, Waste Collection System Pneumatic system Flute type (3.5mm x 9mm) Pneumatic motor 5.5kW Direction of Exhaust air To the underground Waste collection system By manual Spindle Part Running part Button tip with cutter part (for 210mm bobbin) Maker of running part NOVIBRA Diameter of waster cutter 31mm Diameter of warve 18.5mm Spindle lock method Hook type Spindle brake Finger brake Spindle insert NOVIBRA HP-S68 (NASA/3) Ring Part Ring maker and type Kanai Riora (with Aluminum Holder) Ring inside diamater 38mm Flange width 2.95mm (RR-M) Setting diameter 50.8mm Traveler clearerIndividual type Ring plate type Standard Balloon control ring type Kanpatsu round type Balloon control ring diameter 44mm Separator Plastic (Reinforced type) Thread lappet type Steel (with spring) Type of snail wire Taftride spiral 4mm diameter (for Z twist only) Lifting Motion Lifting system Screw shaft type positive lifting mechanism Lifting system of balloon control ring 2-step motion type Lifting system of lappet Individual Creel Row of creel 5 rows Dimension of roving bobbin 146 x 406mm Feeding system of roving single roving Bobbin hangar brake 4g Height from floor to roof 3200mm or more Overhead cleaner Included MAGITEX Spindle waste yarn cleaning SYC (SCD Yarn Cutting Device) Provision for roving transfer For roving transportation system Function Panel Function panel type Graphic display Language of the function panel In English Indication Unit Ne, Hank (0.01HK) Shift Indicator Up to 4-shift Spinning Conditions / Gearing Kind of Fibre Cotton, and Blended Range of Yarn count to be spunNe 20, 30, 40 - 80s Motor Pulley with Machine 21,500rpm Out end gearing With Stationary AutoDoffer, Model SCD Type Winder link type (1 by 1) / Counter-clock wise Linkage winder Maker Savio Doffing system Doffing equipment fixed on ring spinning frame All spindles are doffed at same time Empty bobbins are received once at the bar positioned middle of machine Bobbin transportation (Peg Tray system) Transportation speed of peg tray is Max. 24pcs/min. Peg tray for Ring spinning frame area is arranged by Toyoda Interlocking motion between adjoining machine during doffing With (Terminal block only) Time for doffing (stopping time of production) About 2 minutes Option Automatic Tilting and resetting With Top Bunch Device With Electric Equipment Electric Source / Voltage & Frequency 380V / 50Hz Supplying position for electric source and compressed air Both from underground Safety and Electricity specification JIS Standard Main motor installed power capacity 60kW Main motor type Standard Pneumatic, SCD, Lifting, Lappet motors 5.5kW, AC1.2/0.75kW, 1.2kW, and 0.02kW Position of signal lamp Out End and Gear End Lubrication System Main & Draft gearing Automatic oil dropping system Auxiliary gearing Grease Lubrication (by manual) Technical Information that will be provided English Instruction Manual, Parts catalog, Mechanical equipment drawing, Electrical equipment drawing Main Specifications for SAVIO AUTOMATIC LINK (WINDER) CONER Model ORION-I with 24- Spindles on Frame of 24 Spindles: Invertor in the machine headstock Linkage to Spinning Machine TOYODA RX240 (Peg tray D.70) Take up on 4Deg.20'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Tube (L.170mm, Base Int.Dia. 59mm, Nose 28mm) Take-up packages for knitting/weaving Grooved drum (Steel) with 2.5 turns spiral, Traverse 152mm, Dia. 94, Variable pitch Processing of Cotton/Blended Yarn Processing of Yarn with count range Ne 30 to 80 JointAir 590Z (39Z2-C2-Z22) Pre-Arrangement for Twin-Splicer Yarn Suction pipe combs Quick adjusting knobs on pre-clearers Clearers USTER QUANTUM-2 Clearer Sensing Head IMK C 15 F 23 Pre-Arrangement for Waxing Device Steel scissors for yarn tensioner device Bobbin Tube Length 180 - 230mm Bobbin Diameter 32 - 45mm Bobbin tube inner dia. 17 - 28mm Booster Tensor Drum on/off Pre-Arranged Electronic type Single package doffing carriage Single basket Package conveyor belt with direction toward the headstock Double Spinning tubes-recylding conveyor belt Machine with 1 Pneumatic adjustment Magitex with dust discharge in the machine headstock Lighting along the machine Hot air discharge by Overhead air duct Main Voltage 380V, Cycles 50Hz AND INCLUDED WITH 1X Murata Automatic Winder, 21C Process Coner, Year 2004, 60 Spindles, Yarn Cotton (main count Ne 40 - 60), Twist Direction: Z Twist Pre-Dyed Yarn: With Take-up Angle: 6inches, 4Deg.20Min Cone Winding Drum: 6" x 2.3W/2.5W Winding Speed: Max. 2,000m/min. Drum Surface: Standard, Steel Drum Drive: DC servo motor direct drive Yarn Detector: Photo-electric feeler Take-up Bobbin Length: 170-174mm Take-up Bobbin Top : 25.4mm Take-up Bobbin Bottom: 59mm Nose Shape: Roll Nose Thickness take-up bobbin: 0.8 - 2.0mm Air Piping for Package Brake: With P6 Pipe + SV BRG Center (R) Brake System: Type-A (Standard) Supply Bobbin Shape: Spinning bobbin Supply Bobbin outer dia.: 25mm Supply Bobbin inner dia.: 18.75mm Supply Bobbin length : 180mm Supply Bobbin Top outer dia.: 21.1 - 21.5 Wound dia of spinning bobbin: 40 - 43mm Magazine Pockets: 9 pockets (Bobbin dia. 50mm or less) Tensor: Electronic Control (Tension Manager) Suction mouth Top: Double Comb Waxing Device: WAX 12.7 Balcon Breaker: Bal-Con Automatic Doffer: With, 21D Type Cutter: Ceramic, Standard type Splicer, Splicer Nozzle: Air Splicer, G2Z Splicer Adjustment yarn: Cotton 100% Front Plate: FB1 Yarn holding Lever: H Untwisting Nozzle: N0 Winding Unit Pitch: Standard 320mm Blower duct: Top Blow Filter Box: Collect yarn waste and duct separately Blow Cleaner: Muratec Emtpy Bobbin Conveyor: Line wide type (251-280mm) with Sorting table Package Conveyor: With (DE->OE) Package Shutter: With (with package conveyor) Lighting Bracket: With Dust Collector: With Electric Power voltage: 220V / 60Hz USTER Yarn Clearer System: UQC2 Quantam-2 (with Q-Data) with QUANTUM-2 Sensing Head Foreign Fibre Detector (FD) Channel Blower Motor: 11Kw Accessory (other) Equipments: Tension Manager Kink Preventing System BQC (Bobbin quality check) BQC alarm automatic reset Package brake Cradle lifter Preclearer Energy saving inverter for blower (individual blower)

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